Hi, I am Katie Todd!

I grew up in Steamboat Springs and currently reside in the Denver Metro Area. I love to ski, go camping and spend time with my family. I have four sisters, a fur baby and a wonderful husband. ​As the photographer in the family, there aren't a ton of photos of me, and the ones I'm in aren't great. I always tell my husband, angles babe, angles! He's getting better as I teach him, so I'll give him that. I have a fine arts background and grew up loving to paint and do anything I could get my hands on. Photography was hard for me at first. Patience in a dark room was so challenging!! I was not a patient child, my husband would probably say that hasn't changed! But I do my best as an adult.

Something unique I bring to the table for my clients is that I'm a full service photographer. I will hold your hand every step of the way. We will have a consultation on locations that speak to you, wardrobe, and what the session looks like. Before our session we will also discuss what visions you have, what you like to decorate your house with and how we can keep the magic of your session alive! Don't let any of this intimated you, we will go into more detail. I am very passionate about my clients and making sure I exceed expectations.

My goal for you is to have fun, and for us to build a relationship that is long lasting! My favorite part of being a photographer is being apart of something special with each client and I hold that dear to my heart. I want my clients to fall in love with their photos and have a great time creating them.

Lets begin!

A little behind the scenes...


Lindsey & Adam

“Don’t even hesitate, book Katie! My husband and I recently married ourselves in Boulder, CO. With no family or friends present at our wedding, we relied heavily on photos to share our special day. Katie was extremely professional, friendly, and quite the bang for your buck! She made our small little wedding so special. She responded to any emails, texts, and calls QUICKLY. She was helpful with elopement location suggestions and was always welcoming to answering my questions.”

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