our Story & the rest of the crazy family

This section of my site is really just to give you a raw perspective of my life and my crazy family. My husband and I got married during COVID which was very challenging. So many plans that had been decided the year before were suddenly changed. I know we all have our own versions of that. Regardless, I married my best friend and in the end, that is what really mattered.

During quarantine I asked him to take some fun photos with me and the three images you see here are what we got. There were a lot more and believe it or not these were the keepers! Yikes!! I love Hello Kitty and was trying to find cute props... not sure about that one but we're rolling with it! I asked my husband to grab something and this what he does with the scarf... not to mention my husbands hair getting a bit wild not having a hair cut in some time. I tried to convince him to let me cut it and that was a hard NO. Needless to say, being stuck together wasn't so bad. I know that wasn't the case for everyone, and I do feel blessed for this life and the crazy family I'll get to later.

My husband isn't great at taking pictures, he always does something weird and won't smile normal. He is my hardest subject!!!! I did get him to do some photos with his saxophone and jeep, that was the kicker. Take two things he loves and have him in his element! Anyway, all of my family is very close. We do everything together, and I mean everything. Every birthday, every holiday, you best bet, we're planning something. They're loud and sometimes wayyyy too much for someone who doesn't know them. But they are also very loving and fun people but lets not forget that I called them crazy. I'm sure they would all agree to it too. Two of my favorite people are my grandparents. My grandma hates her picture being taken, and she's always talking, so her mouth is open in soooo many pictures. My grandpa is so loud and has been for as long as I cam remember. He is seriously the epitome of the grumpy old man. He is so very wise (smart ass voice) and has stories for days. He does know all sorts of things like what crops are growing in some random field when doing a 10 hour drive to South Dakota. I think he loves us, although he does tell us often he's taking us out of the will and he doesn't love us back. At the end of the day he always does anything for us.

I hope you enjoy some of my documentation of my family throughout the years.