frequently asked questions


I don't know where I want my session, do you have suggestions

Absolutely! To determine the best spot for our session, I will just need to get more details on what you want out of the session and what type of scenery you enjoy. Is it all about the mountains and greenery? Or do you want to go urban style being downtown? I'm all about making the session what my clients want. Once we determine that, I throw out several suggestions and go from there. I will also make recommendations on better times to go to these locations based on how busy they can be. Either way, I'm always willing to go wherever my clients want and always ready to go somewhere new.

What should I wear to my photo session?

Regardless of the type of session this is for, I always recommend staying away from crazy prints, neon colors or anything too busy. We don't want your eye to immediately go to your clothing. I also recommend not wearing anything with large logos or anything else that could be distracting. Something I will suggest to bring is fun accessories like hats, scarves cute umbrellas, blankets or just about anything that you think would be fun. It's always nice to have those things to get some variety in the session.

I am not good with getting my picture taken, what do i do?

Have no fear, I am here! But seriously, I am here for you. We're going to have fun and we're going to capture that. The beginning is always harder, but we'll work on loosening up and relaxing. Your job is just to be open, have fun and my job is to help create that environment for you. That's also a huge reason we have a consult before, so that I can get to know you and we can put together a session you're going to love.

What payments do you accept and how do i pay?

I accept cash and payments online using a debit or credit card. I can accept checks as well or can take a credit card payment the day of the session using Square. I try to be as flexible as possible.