As a Boulder wedding photographer, I am surrounded by incredible beauty in nature and in the people around me. Because of that, I am always down for adventure and fun, hence my encouraging words to elope! As time moves forward, seasons change, and trends come and go, one thing remains the same. People are finding their soulmates and looking forward to their happily ever after. While planning a wedding can be overwhelming, more couples are choosing to skip tradition and elope! Here are my top reasons why you should elope, especially in Boulder!

Save $$

First, let's address the elephant in the room, budget. Whenever you're planning your wedding there will always be the topic of finances and what our budget is. With an elopement, everything generally costs much less because there are less things to plan! Let me explain, during a traditional wedding you're paying for a venue, catering, photography, hotels, and so much more. If you choose to elope you get to bypass a lot of that and get straight to the important stuff that you'll treasure forever. When you elope there is no catering, sometimes no venue (national parks, etc.) or a cheaper venue option. Generally speaking, everything is so much less expensive because there is so much less going on!

less planning = less stress

As I mentioned previously, planning a traditional wedding can be a ton of pressure on the couple. From budgeting, to finding your dream venue, catering and so much more, it becomes overwhelming - quickly! Luckily for you both, if you choose to elope there is so much less stress! Rely on your Boulder wedding photographer. It is our job to find beautiful locations and make vendor connections. More often than not, I can help you find the perfect location and dream vendors for anything you need.

focus on what's important

When you choose to elope the focus shifts from planning a party to what truly matters - your relationship. Oftentimes couples can get so consumed by the wedding planning itself, they forget their 'why'. Why they chose their partner, why they're going through this mess. When you choose to elope, those pressures fall away and you can focus on you and your partner. Also when you elope the day truly revolves around your relationship. Only the people that matter most are there to celebrate you, not for the after party.

environmentally friendlier - why you should elope

As a Boulder wedding photographer I feel like it's my responsibility to advocate for doing what's best for the beauty around us. Weddings are truly beautiful and some of the most special days of a person's life. However, the amount of waste that can come from an event of that size is a ton! However, if you choose to elope, that waste decreases tremendously. Think about it, no napkins plates, or other single use plastics, less travel which is overall better for the environment. If you choose to have a traditional full scale wedding there are totally ways you can do that in an environmentally friendly manner!

It's your day and you want to!

Lastly and honestly most importantly, this is your Boulder wedding day and you can do whatever you want! If you and your partner choose to elope, more power to you. If you choose to have a traditional wedding, go for it! The moral of the story is, this day is meant to be spent celebrating your love, however you see fit. There is no one size fits all wedding day and you are able to figure out what works best for you. As a Boulder wedding photographer I love how unique and creative couples can be on their wedding day. It's beautiful!

Whether you choose to elope or plan a full scale traditional wedding - your love story is worth it! You and your partner deserve to have the wedding day you have dreamed of for years. I hope to be alongside you both on the happiest day of your life!

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