Capturing your love in a timeless wedding portrait that will stand the test of time is what we do best! As a Boulder wedding photographer I understand the importance and magnitude that comes with documenting your wedding day. I promise you'll receive images that will reflect exactly how you felt in those moments. And to get the best lighting, emotions and everything in between, I plan when to take your Boulder bridals strategically. Let's get to it!

Before Your First Look

Documenting your wedding day from start to finish will create an album that tells your story. And the time before your first look will fly by. Whether you plan on seeing each other before the ceremony, or for the first time as you are walking down the aisle. I'll make sure we have plenty of time for those emotional moments. About 30 minutes should be plenty of time!

If you are having a first look before the ceremony, then those 30 minutes will be used to capture a few must-have photos. First, we will get a couple shots of just the bride and groom. These portraits will be separate and document the giddy excitement right before your first look. After capturing the actual first look, we will get some Boulder bridals of the two of you together. Then it will be off to the ceremony.

However, if you choose to see each other for the first time at your ceremony, then we will use the time before the ceremony primarily for the bride. We will capture all of your beauty and grace as you dance in your wedding dress and walk through your wedding venue.

After Your Ceremony

What happens after you say “I-do” and run down the aisle as husband and wife? Your guests will go into their cocktail hour to mingle while eating treats and sipping on signature drinks. Meanwhile, you will come with your Boulder wedding photographer for a quick photoshoot!

We love the images that come from right after your ceremony! The giddy nerves have calmed and the overwhelming joy of being newly weds is settling in. These Boulder bridals give your wedding album so much emotion and personality. In addition, this is a great time to get away together. To have a moment alone before stepping into the party.

Golden Hour

A lot of couples think that this is the best time to have your wedding portraits taken. And we have to agree! The magic of the golden hour is like none other. The glow from the warm sun as it sets. The glimmer of light that plays through the tree lines. Everything about this time of day is dreamy! And we love to make the most of it.

Whether you're eloping or having a grand wedding, be sure to capture your most important moments! Your wedding only happens once and you deserve to have those moments captured forever.

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