As a Colorado wedding and elopement photographer, I've been around my fair share of wedding parties. As years go by and seasons change, so do wedding trends and styles. While wedding planning can often be a lot of hard work and overwhelming, I'm here to make one thing easier - bridesmaid dresses. Often, it's impossible to get everyone together to go dress shopping or find one dress that will look good on everyone. I'm sharing my top 5 places to buy bridesmaid dresses online and tips to ensure a seamless process.

Top wedding trends

I love seeing how things continually change. It's a great way to showcase a couple's personalities and be unique, especially at weddings. Trends are constantly evolving and quickly. However, this year, I suspect we'll see some trends carry over from years past.

One I'm most excited about and a massive fan of is a variety of bridesmaid dresses. Couples have started giving their wedding party a color scheme and allowing them to choose their gowns. This is a great way to allow them to feel confident while encouraging them to wear the dress again. With bridal parties of varying shapes and sizes, this is an easy and unique way to showcase and celebrate each body!

Tips for Different Colors and Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses

choose a color scheme

Instead of choosing one dress for your whole party, give them 2-3 colors to play with. Throughout the planning process, the group is given a way to find something they love. The 2-3 colors you provide can be varying shades of one color, earthy colors, or even a few springtime favorites. Be sure to stay involved and communicate with your party, so you know there's a good mix of all colors. 

Dress Length

When opting for various colors and styles, I recommend keeping one thing about the dresses similar: the dress length. Don't stress over a mix of full-length gowns or cocktail dresses, while they blend well together—it's easier to assign an overall similar length.

Don't change too much

While mixing and matching dresses during the planning process can be unique and fun, it can also quickly look unorganized. To avoid that look, don't change too many things. Head to Pinterest for inspiration, or plan a visual example of what you have envisioned for your big day. Invite your wedding party to your Pinterest board so they can take a peek into your mind and understand the vibe of your day. This helps eliminate any hurt feelings or communication issues.

Also, one of my favorite shops, Show Me Your Mumu, offers an incredible virtual showroom where you can experiment with your wedding day lineup. This will eliminate any stress and last-minute decisions. It's worth checking out, even if you don't buy dresses from them!

Where to shop for bridesmaid dresses


First on my list of favorites is Azazie. They offer a variety of bridesmaid dresses at varying lengths, styles, and sizes, all at an affordable price. You can filter through their trendy and size-inclusive gowns by color, length, hem, etc. Azazie has taken the guesswork out of online shopping and allows your bridal party to buy bridesmaid dresses online easily!


Another incredibly affordable option is Lulu's! They offer a variety of trendy and modest options, all at an affordable price and excellent quality. They also show the gowns alongside different-colored dresses to enhance the vision of how they'll look in real life. At a price point of under $100, your wedding party can buy a couple and try them on before the wedding to choose a favorite!

Birdy grey

Birdy Grey is one of my favorites. They offer free color swatches, curvy options, junior bridesmaid dresses, jumpsuits, and so much more. Not only do they offer a plethora of options, but it gives your whole wedding party the opportunity to find something that makes them feel confident! While shopping, you can filter through gowns that can be rushed by colors, maternity-friendly options, and even fabric type. They have some of the most beautiful gowns I've ever seen!


While a little more expensive, Asos offers a variety of trendy options in beautiful colors for your wedding party. They also provide wedding shoes, various colors, and more.

Show Me Your Mumu

Last but not least, Show Me Your Mumu! Offering free online options to see dresses together before purchasing can bring the whole look together. Throughout their bridesmaid selection, you'll find gowns offered in multiple colors, with options to find gowns even 30% off. Show Me Your Mumu is an excellent option for trendy dresses that can be worn for years!

Nevertheless, when planning your Jackson Hole wedding, I'm sure you'll find some of the most beautiful dresses to bring the whole event together! Make it an exciting time for your friends and wedding party to gather and shop together. Your wedding only happens once, so enjoy all it has to offer!

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