Seasons are changing and things are starting to warm up here in Colorado and I couldn't be more thrilled! As spring approaches it brings all kinds of beautiful colors and incredible opportunities for family photos. Spring family photos are some of my favorites as we're able to get back outside without freezing and celebrate the beauty that surrounds us in Colorado. As a Colorado family photographer, I love getting to see some of my favorite families year after year, and can't wait to capture more incredible family bonds. Let's talk about why you definitely need to take some spring family photos!

Weather is warming up

Spring is the best time of year for family photos. The weather is warming up, but not too hot like in the summer months. We're able to be outdoors longer while taking in all the beautiful sunlight and nature that Colorado is known for. It'll be so much easier getting the kids out the door and excited for photos because it'll finally be warm enough for them to play! In between shots they'll be able to run and have fun.

Incredible colors

Like I mentioned previously, when spring rolls around so do all those breathtaking colors found in nature. Throughout the winter it can be hard to find spots that aren't covered in snow or brown from the cool weather. But when it starts to warm up everything is green, flowering, and an absolute knock out. Spring family photos are also a great opportunity to show off the color by dressing in more fun colors. Oftentimes families think they need to wear neutrals, but dressing to enhance your location's brilliant colors is a great choice!

Spring family photos have later sunsets

As you can probably tell, I love a good sunset. There's something so magical about a warm sunset where it allows colors to truly pop and adds such a warmth to the location. With daylight savings approaching, gone are the dinnertime fights with kids during photos. Instead, enjoy dinner out and meet me for photos afterwards! We'll have more time and less cranky kids!

Less crowded than other times of year

Fall is such a popular time for family photos and everyone forgets about spring! Most of the families have gotten their photos done in the last 6 months and won't need them done until fall again. Lucky for you, this means our locations will be emptier and less crowded. This allows us to have our pick of locations and not have to worry about other people getting in our shots. Spring family photos are truly where it's at!

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