With the beginning of the year come exciting New Year resolutions, weddings, and proposals! As a Colorado elopement photographer, I work with incredible couples embarking on their next chapter of life together all the time. However sometimes when booking engagement sessions comes anxiety and stress. But have no fear, I'm here to be your go-to gal for all things wedding planning. As spring approaches it's a great season for engagement photos, and I've got all the tips for planning your spring engagement photo outfits. Whether you're opting for a casual vibe or an adventurous session, I've got you covered.

Not matching simply coordinating

My first tip and one of my favorites to suggest is planning your outfits with coordinating colors. Complementing colors will be a great fit for your engagements as they will look appealing to the eye and make you both stand out in your landscape. Try not to match, and try to find ways to complement each other's outfits. Whether that's your partner wearing a white top and jeans, and you're wearing white pants and a lighter blue top.

Avoid clothing cut too Low, or Too Short

When planning your spring engagement photo outfits try to avoid anything too low-cut or too short. Oftentimes it's hard for your photographer to get specific angles, and you may not be able to move around as freely. During your session I want you to be able to be yourself and have a good time, not pulling on your skirt or top to make sure you're covered. Certain outfits will limit your ability to move, when planning your engagements make sure to consider that as well. The goal for your spring engagement photo outfits is to feel confident and comfortable!

Keep it Simple + not too busy

While I'm a sucker for a pretty floral or interesting print, they can be hard to plan outfits around. However, I don't think you should count them out entirely! If you have an outfit you love that has a pattern on it, wear it! The most important aspect of planning your engagement outfits is loving what you're wearing. If you choose to wear something patterned, just make sure your partner wears a more neutral outfit with no patterns. Too many patterns can look harsh on camera.

Most importantly just be yourself! Don't worry about expectations, trends, or what you think will look best, ultimately when you feel good, you'll look good too. Still needing inspiration for your spring engagement photos? Head to my Pinterest for all the inspiration and tips!

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