Getting ready for your annual family photos? It's that time! It can be so hard to find the perfect Denver family photographer in a sea of incredible talent on social media. But when it comes to choosing your family photographer I've got the most important questions you should ask yourself, before booking them. Not all photographers will have the same processes, editing styles, etc. Really consider what you like about a photographer before diving into booking with them.

Consider these questions before finding your dream denver family photographer

  • Do you like their editing style?
  • Is the photographer consistent?
  • Will they help you choose the perfect location?
  • What are their prices?
  • Are they an experienced Denver family photographer or are they new?
  • Do you like their personality?

Let's dive into each question to help you gather your thoughts before reaching out to your family photographer while helping make the decision that much easier!

Ask yourself - Do you like their editing style?

First and probably most important, do you like their style? I'm sure that's what attracted you to them in the first place. However it is something to consider. Most of the time it has taken photographers years to fine tune their style and make it everything they want it to be. So it's important that you make sure you really enjoy their vision and their editing style. Most times photographers will not change their style for one specific client so if you don't like the way they edit, move along to the next photographer! There's someone out there for everyone.

Are they consistent?

Something you may not even think about before booking with your Denver family photographer is are they consistent in their work. Let me explain, when you look at their website, blogs, social medias, etc. does their work look cohesive? Does the editing look consistently on brand with what you've seen and fallen in love with? If their editing isn't consistent and seems a little all over the place it can be hard to know how your photos will look! Just be mindful and transparent in your conversations with photographers!

Will they help you choose the perfect location?

Did you know one of my favorite parts of being a Denver family photographer is location scouting. I love getting to know my clients and what's important to them, and creating a session tailored to them. Some families choose to be outdoors and let their kids play and run wild during golden hour. These make for some breathtaking scenery and incredible moments captured. Other times families choose to have an in-home family session, it all depends on what you want. If you can tell me your vision, I can totally help you find the perfect location. I want to make sure you love your images and part of that comes with choosing your dream spot.

What are their prices?

While this may seem obvious, it's important to get the money conversations out of the way early! There's nothing worse than finding a photographer you love and finding out they're totally out of budget. When finding your Denver family photographer I would encourage you to. find a good happy medium in price point. Let me explain. Don't run straight for the lower prices. If you found a photographer with lower prices, ask yourself why? Do the have experience with younger kids? Shooting in different locations? Do they have backup gear? Are their photos consistently beautiful? These are questions that should be considered before trusting someone to capture fleeting moments in life.

What's their experience like?

While sometimes you may be able to find a newer photographer that is incredible, it's so important to find someone with experience. These Denver family photographers will have worked in various weather conditions, family types, locations, etc. They'll know what to do if your kids start getting grumpy, or bored. They'll know how to get through the important poses and capture the fun candid moments in between. Having experience as a photographer also ensures that you don't have any technical issues occur after the session. Do they have multiple SD cards to hold your photos? How are they delivering images to you? Experience is crucial!

Do you click with their personality?

Last but not least, do you like them as a person? It's so hard to find photographers and finding one that you immediately click with is the best feeling ever! Someone that understands your values and what's most important to you. Finding someone you click with will ensure the photo session goes so much smoother. You'll feel more comfortable with them and be able to be your authentic self with your family.

Nevertheless whichever Denver family photographer you choose I'm sure they'll be the perfect fit after you've read this blog! You'll have a clearer vision for your non-negotiables and feel confident knowing they'll capture your family in their true self.