It's that time of year, everyone is starting the new year off with great goals, and dreams, and of course engagements! As a Denver elopement photographer, I love being able to help couples plan their surprise proposals and capture the emotions throughout the day. Guys are starting to think about how to plan the perfect proposal to their special lady, and with surprise proposals being such a huge trend right now, I thought I'd share some advice.

How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

First, if you want to have this amazing moment captured, find a photographer to your perfect proposal. It's going to make a huge difference when you are looking back and reflecting on this day. You'll get to see her reaction, and not worry about if your friend got the right parts on camera. I'll be there to take pictures of you setting up your perfect proposal, and all the behind the scenes that she wouldn't normally see. Another great part about having a photographer, we have some secrets we'll share with you. Perfect locations for intimate and special moments, vendors that can help with flowers, planning, and lastly, we'll keep you calm.

Denver elopement photographer captures close up of engagement ring during proposal


Next up, let's talk location. I always love when my clients find a location special and unique to their relationship. Another option is finding somewhere intimate and quiet for just the two of you. Your perfect proposal may be on a hike in Sloan's Park or maybe at a chic restaurant in downtown Denver. Or maybe, it's a picnic at Colorado State Capitol somewhere special and unique is the key!

Denver elopement photographer captures man lifting woman during engagement photos after surprise proposal

Sunrise or Sunset?

What about time of day? Plan your perfect proposal for just before sunset, this makes for those golden pictures right before the sun sets. A lunch picnic or somewhere in the early afternoon can be harsh for pictures, but not impossible. Think about things you two would normally do together, would you go for a hike on a weeknight? No? Then plan something so she'll be surprised. It shouldn't be anything too out of the ordinary, then she'll no for sure something is up!


Any perfect proposal is going to need flowers, or lights, or pictures of the two of you. I always love a fun set up that makes things start to click together for the girl, and it makes for the cutest pictures. I just had a client plan a picnic for his now fiance, and he had pictures and flowers, and it was the best. Think about what she likes, and try and incorporate that into the big moment. That'll for sure bring a smile to her face!

Denver elopement photographer captures couple holding hands after surprise proposal in Denver

Whether you plan for a scenic hike or a romantic dinner, I'm sure your proposal will be memorable and so special.

Ready to plan your surprise proposal? Reach out today!