As a Denver family photographer I know how hard it can be to get everyone excited for family photos. While it may be an event that becomes a chore, the photos after are always so worth it! The magic of capturing your children's first steps, their chubby fingers, and toothless grins are moments you won't get back. When your kids are grown and out of the house, you'll be able to pull out the photo album and go back to a simpler time. I am the biggest advocate for prioritizing your memories and creating your family's legacy in color.

Denver family photographer captures father and son playing during family portraits

Let them be little

While this may be easier said than done, which photos are the ones that will bring a smile to your face in 15 years? The ones where your kids are standing together smiling after a screaming match (because you''ll remember), or the candid photos capturing your children laughing and playing together? Let them be little. The amount of time they can get away with playing in the dirt, chasing butterflies, and playing games together is so short. I promise the photos will become a treasure to you, and one that you won't ever want to let go of. The innocence and pure happiness you'll see in those photos will be pure magic.

Denver family photographer captures family holding hands walking together during family portraits

Make it an exciting activity

Oftentimes we can get so stressed with planning the session, figuring out outfits and locations that we forget this is supposed to be fun! Include your kids in the process of getting ready, maybe let your daughter where her favorite shoes for a few pictures, or talk to them about exploring a new place. Making it an adventure will make the session that much more enjoyable for everyone.

Let your denver family photographer lead

As a Denver family photographer I've been blessed to work with some of the most incredible families with the cutest kids! This has given me tons of experience in how to make things run smoothly and get the photos that matter most. Allow yourself to truly enjoy the experience of the session and being with your family and let me lead. I'll be able to pose and direct everyone as needed, while making sure we get the most important moments captured. I've found that kids are more likely to listen to anyone but their parents, and that works in your favor here!

Denver family photographer captures family holding hands and walking

Make sure your partner is on board

When planning your family portraits between juggling the kids and getting everyone to show up on time, make sure your partner is on board. If your partner is also dragging their feet about the session, that can make things so much more difficult! However, if you and your partner are both excited and on board with photos you'll be stronger together and able to accomplish things so much easier. It's a perfect way to get the most out of your session.

No matter what happens, I know that your family session is going to be beautiful! Don't let yourself stress out and enjoy the process.

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