If you're reading this, you're most likely engaged are heading that way soon, either way, congratulations! As a Denver elopement photographer, I have worked with some of the most incredible couples with such story book romances. Couples that truly value their love story, and know the value that comes with putting that relationship first. More and more couples are choosing to elope to spend less time planning, and more time living. They're living in the moment and choosing to celebrate the miracle that is finding your forever person. If you're considering an elopement, let's break down the planning process and maybe if you're on the fence about eloping - convince you to do it!

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First and most importantly when planning your elopement, book the vendors you can't live without. Namely a photographer (hi!), an officiant, location (if eloping outdoors) and your dress! Photographers book out sometimes 6-9 months in advance, however elopement photographers understand how different eloping can be and will often have dates available. If your dream Denver elopement photographer isn't available for your day, be flexible with your date. I always suggest to choose a season, and narrow down from there! You'll definitely want to book your officiant early to ensure you actually get married, and if you're unsure of who to book, reach out and I can help! Oftentimes your dress can be a longer process to find, just set clear expectations with bridal stores to ensure they know your deadlines. If they can't work around that, look at these online options for a quicker turnaround. Some of my favorites are Azazie, and Lulus.


Next on your checklist, you'll want to move onto booking a couple more vendors and your travel accommodations if applicable! I suggest reaching out to a hair and makeup artist if that's something you want for your Denver elopement, if not, skip! If you'll be having a destination elopement now is the time to start looking at plane tickets, hotels, and car rentals. While looking if prices are a little daunting, consider checking Google Flights for the next couple of weeks, Google will alert you when tickets are lower or if you're getting a good deal.

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Now would be the time to order your wedding dress if you haven't yet, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of time for any alterations or returns if needed! If you're buying from Azazie or Lulus you shouldn't have to worry, but any bridal boutique you may have to pay for expedited shipping!


Next, let's talk about some more fun things, accessories! If there are any special accessories you're looking for like bouquet charms, custom cufflinks, or just some cute shoes - start looking! Once you've done your fair share of shopping let's move onto the wedding party. Some of my couples invite close friends or family, while others choose to have it be just the two of them (and the necessary participants to make it legal). Either way, start making those decisions, and if you choose to invite people - send those invitations out! Lastly, after you promise your forevers to one another, you'll want to go celebrate! Book your dinner reservations early.

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Things are beginning to pick up speed, at the 1 month mark, I generally suggest couples schedule a meeting with their photographer. This is a great time to solidify your timeline, check sunset times, and answer any 'last minute' questions.

1 W E E K

Depending on where you get married this can vary, however, typically up to a week before you get married is when you should go snag that marriage license! This is what makes everything legal. Next you'll want to start prepping your vows, and lastly get ready to say, "I do!". 1 week before your wedding day is a great time to visit the spa, get any last minute nail appointments out of the way and pack your bags to get started on your forever!

Your Denver elopement will be full of so many incredible memories and such a special time in your life. Choosing your forever partner in crime is quite an important day and deserves to be celebrated.

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