I know, it may sound harsh, but I promise it really isn't at all! As a Boulder wedding photographer who loves elopements - it's hard to include everyone on your big day. But don't feel guilty if you and your partner choose to keep your elopement intimate and small. More and more couples are opting for a private elopement, with a celebration with extended family and friends later! Not only is it a great way to celebrate your love and simply be together, but on your wedding day - you can do whatever you want. This day is about the two of you!

While this may not be an easy situation, and could potentially be awkward to communicate, keep in mind one thing. Who might make your wedding day more stressful? If there are certain people that would make it harder, celebrate with them later! Don't feel guilty protecting your memories.

Communication is Key

If you're considering keeping your Boulder elopement intimate with close family, or even just a couple of friends, keep this in mind. Be open with those you aren't inviting to your ceremony. Explain to them the reasoning behind your decision to elope intimately and privately. While they may not understand right away, after some time to think about it, they'll come around.

If you have some family that isn't too excited about the idea of you 'sneaking off to elope', show them examples of a modern day elopement. Times have totally changed and no one has to sneak off to elope!

Make Sure Everyone Knows!

In a world where social media can announce things before we even get to, plan your announcement beforehand. If you're choosing to elope privately consider these options.

  • Invite guests to an 'engagement party' that really is celebrating your recent elopement! Not only will it be a fun surprise, but family won't even have time to get upset. Consider sharing a video from your wedding day to invite guests to 'attend' your ceremony.
  • Send 'we eloped!' post cards from your destination! Similar to a save the date, it invites family into your world and makes them feel loved and special that you thought of them on your wedding day.

Find ways to include family

If you're worried about not having family there for your wedding day, but maybe don't want them there for every moment, that's okay! Some couples opt for a ring ceremony later, or even having family help them get ready before their Boulder elopement. This allows family members to feel included without them being there when you cry reading your vows. The commitment you're making to your partner is a big deal, and if you want that to be between the two of you - do it! You don't have to have an audience full!

Another option could be having a celebratory dinner afterwards. Whether that is the day of, or the next day. It invites family to celebrate in your excitement while still setting boundaries.

Ever heard of zoom?

If that one wretched virus taught us anything, it was the importance of technology! Don't be afraid to use it. If you and your partner plan a destination elopement but want to keep it just the two of you - send a link. This allows your family or close friends to be apart of the ceremony without physically being there. You'll be able to get ready together and do your wedding how you want without outside pressure along the way. Also Zoom allows you to record, so you'll have a recorded viewing of your ceremony to watch later!

invite them to give you advice

I know this may sound contradicting, but here's what I mean. If you're opting for a ceremony with just the necessary parties and no other guests - ask your family or friends to write cards. Ask them to write down their marriage advice, well wishes, or memories of the two of you before the wedding. After your ceremony sit down with your partner and read their cards allowed. It's such a special way to honor family and feel their presence without a huge crowd all while creating goals for your marriage together.

Everyone loves an after party!

Last but not least, throw a reception! Most couples on their wedding day will have a ceremony and invite guests to join them for an after ceremony party. You can do the same thing for your elopement. Perhaps it isn't the same day as your elopement but a weekend after. This gives your family and friends the opportunity to celebrate your love and cheer you on! After all, everyone loves to party!

Whether you decide to keep things intimate or invite the world, I know your Boulder wedding will be a day to remember!

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