In a world surrounded by social media fantasies and thousands of photographers showcasing their beautiful work online, it's tough planning a wedding - tougher to choose a photographer! As a Denver engagement photographer, I totally understand how hard it can be to make decisions about vendors and who to choose for your biggest moments in life. Whoever you choose as your photographer is holding your memories in their hands. It's not only important to trust your Denver engagement photographer, but to also know as much as you can about their process. This helps you remain confident in their abilities as well as trusting their level of professionalism!

Can we see recent galleries?

While you may have thoroughly stalked their social media profiles, it's so important to ask your Denver engagement photographer to see entire galleries, here's why. If you're investing in a photographer to capture these moments you want to know you'll have more than 1 or 2 great pictures. Just like you post your favorite or 'best' pictures online when you share, photographers do the same thing! Asking to see the entire gallery allows you to trust that not only were the photos they chose great, but that there were tons of other great images too!

What is your process for backing up images? Do you carry backup equipment?

Next, let's talk about the technical side of photography. This isn't a fun topic for anyone, however, I would HATE for you to do your whole session and have your photographer lose everything. It happens, and it's so terrifying. Hence why we ask these questions in the beginning so we know that your Denver engagement photographer can make you feel at peace knowing they've got you covered! Most photographers will bring multiple SD cards to ensure they can get everything. It's all a part of the process, but having these questions in your mind will ensure everyone is on the same page.

When will we see the full gallery?

Last but not least, ask about delivery times! In the fall is often busy season for photographers so delivery times can vary. It's important to get realistic expectations set so you're not waiting impatiently at home, or texting your photographer asking. It's so important that photographers have the time needed to ensure they can edit your photos to the best of their ability and deliver a gallery they are proud of and that represents their incredible brand. My clients can expect sneak peeks and full galleries as soon as possible. I know that you're excited about your images and I am too!

I hope this quick blog helped answer question and help you feel prepared for choosing your Denver engagement photographer! Your memories deserve to be captured in the way you felt them, in an authentic way!

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