With summer and graduation approaching, it's time to start planning your graduation photos! Graduation from high school or college is an incredible accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated and memorialized. You've spent long nights studying and endless hours working to get to this point, and now it's time for us to celebrate you. As a Denver family photographer, graduation pictures have quickly become a favorite and something I look forward to every year. Let's dive into some of my favorite props to incorporate during your graduation pictures! 

Grad Cap

While this may seem obvious, you've got to bring your graduation cap to your session! Whether you're graduating from high school or college, it's a token accessory that adds the cherry on top to your photos. Not to mention, there are many different ways to use it in your photos! Throwing your cap in the air is a classic that always looks good! I've had seniors hold their caps in front of their faces, throw them at the camera, and even place them beside them for some artsy shots! 


Champagne isn't just for an engagement—it's for any important event! If you're graduating from high school, consider some sparkling water! You've just worked your behind off studying for years; you deserve to pop some bubbly and have a little fun. I love adding a champagne pop to a session, as it adds a little bit of life and movement to the photos. Don't be afraid to add fun to the session; bring sparkling water!  

Confetti Cannon - Graduation Photos

Lastly, consider bringing a confetti cannon to your graduation photos! What says celebration better than confetti during your photos? My favorite part about a confetti cannon is the color added to pictures and the excitement felt by the popper! Did you know you can order confetti cannons with specific colored confetti inside? You could get some with your school's colors to make them even more on point for your graduation celebration. 

These are my favorite props for graduation photos and will make for the most epic experience and pictures ever! These props add a pop of color and personality and are such a fun element to create a unique experience. Congratulations on your graduation, and cheers to the beginning of your life!

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