Throughout my time as a Boulder wedding photographer, I’ve been to some pretty epic weddings. My couples know how to throw a pretty rad party, and we’ve got our list of must haves for any event. First, we’re going to break down cocktail hours, and how to plan the most epic, most memorable cocktail hour for guests to enjoy! Newly engaged couples strive to bring the fun and plan an event for friends and family to remember for years to come, and these tips will help do just that. We’ll share some of our favorite things we’ve seen at our weddings!

Custom Bride and Groom Drinks

First, one of our favorite trends we’ve seen – custom couple drinks! Throughout the wedding planning, and menu curating, don’t forget to add your favorite drinks to the menu. Your guests will love ordering drinks that you recommend, and making the event that much more unique. Whether you’re a lemonade fan, or a margarita lover, showcase your favorites on your big day. Offer a his and hers option and see which guests prefer, it’ll be another fun element to your event.

Make some noise!

What’s a cocktail party without a little music? Sit down with your partner and pick some music you love to get the party started, and set the mood for what’s to come. It's a great way to get guests ready for a fun night, and allow everyone to get excited. Let your guests choose some music too to bring the whole event together.

Plan Games and Activities

Yard games at wedding receptions and cocktail hours are all the rage. If you’re looking to craft a memorable cocktail hour, consider incorporating games to the night. If you’re planning a summer wedding outdoors, consider adding corn hole, Jenga, or horseshoes! While planning, check out some of our favorite outdoor games here!

Variety of Appetizers

Later, after the drinks are served, delicious food should follow! While curating your appetizer menu, don’t be afraid to offer sweet and savory options. I've seen couples strictly offer appetizers or even just desserts! It's totally your call and your decisions! Let them be a complement to the drinks on your custom menu. Throughout the evening your guests will enjoy the variety of appetizer choices while dancing the night away.

More Pictures!

We wouldn’t be photographers if we didn’t mention the importance of pictures. During your memorable cocktail hour don’t forget to provide opportunities for pictures to look back on. Whether that’s a photo booth, a backdrop, or just photographers like me, I'm there to capture it all!

Nevertheless while planning your Boulder memorable cocktail hour, make it about you and your love. Celebrate what makes your love story unique, and we’ll be there to celebrate you along the way. Looking for your dream wedding photographer? Let's chat today!