Wedding planning can be a lot, especially when dates are filling up so fast. As a Boulder wedding photographer I receive multiple inquiries for wedding dates in the fall months – certain dates are always more popular. Especially in October! But you don’t have to get married on a weekend, if you can swing a weekday wedding your options for vendors and locations opens up tremendously! Considering a weekday wedding? Here our my 4 reasons to convince you that a weekday wedding isn't bad after all.

Less crowded

Oftentimes most people are flying into Jackson Hole or even their destination and making it a weekend event. However, if you choose to have a weekday wedding the crowds are much quieter! During the work week less people are likely to be around, and sometimes vendors offer wedding discounts during the slower times, during the week!

hotels might be cheaper for your weekday wedding

When your planning your wedding, you may find that hotel rates are lower during the week! Hotels are assuming most people will travel and visit on the weekends and hike up the prices during those times. However planning a weekday elopement or wedding allows for cheaper rates and more availability.

More vendors have open dates!

As we previously mentioned, vendors often receive inquiries for the same dates during wedding season. Most weddings will take place on Saturdays, and because of that, vendors book up early. However, opting for a weekday instead of a weekend can open the possibilities for working with some of your dream vendors! Some vendors may even offer discounts for during the week weddings!

Weekday Wedding Planning is so Much Easier!

Last but not least, wedding planning is so much easier! Here’s why I say that, things are going to be more available during the week. And with planning a weekday wedding or elopement more vendors are open and willing to work with you! Let yourself enjoy being engaged and wedding planning. It goes by so fast, and is such a special time in your love story.

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