Congratulations on your engagement! You’re now in full blown planning mode and ready to get this wedding in the books. As a Denver wedding photographer, I have spoken with countless stressed out brides worried about if they’ve planned out the day well enough. Because I’ve attended so many weddings, I know some things that can make the day a little easier. Here are  3 wedding day timeline tips that will be sure to make your wedding day so much smoother.

Denver elopement photographer. captures couple laying in grass at sunset portraits

Wedding Ceremony at Sunset

You might be planning your fall Denver wedding right now and it’s important to check the usual average around your wedding date. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony in the middle of the day, the lighting in your wedding photos can be harsh. A lot of photographers have tricks to fix this in editing. However, planning your wedding ceremony around golden hour can ensure the best wedding photos!

Add extra time to Your Wedding Day Timeline

Your wedding is going to be the best day of your life. Unfortunately, there are factors you just can’t plan for. Maybe your hair and makeup team runs a little late or something else unexpected happens. There might also be moments where you need a second to breathe because of the expectation of perfection for your wedding.  When you schedule buffer time, your wedding day will feel a little less chaotic. You’ll feel a little less anxious if wedding day events run over.

Denver elopement photographer captures couple hugging during portraits

Share A Copy of Your Wedding Day Timeline with Vendors

As your Denver wedding photographer, I will be ready to go with the flow of your wedding. I know how most wedding days go because I’ve been a part of a lot of them. However, if I have your wedding day timeline, I can make sure that each of your desired photos is captured. The wedding venue needs a copy of your wedding day timeline as well. They’ll be making sure everything is ready for you. This includes the bridal suite before your ceremony and the ballroom for your reception. You can even appoint one of your bridesmaids or a family member to keep track of your wedding day timeline cards so they can answer every vendors’ questions. This way, you can focus on taking in every second of your wedding day.

Don’t forget it’s normal to be nervous while planning your wedding day. However, I hope these wedding day timeline tips help ease some of the stress. Focus on this as the most special day of your life. Remember the reason for all of this is to show off the love you have for your bride or groom.

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